Grasslot Roper Street


Roper Street Grasslot William Laird The Peoples Central Cash Stores now The Bakehouse opposite gym Jacqueline V: I saw some of Laird's shelving etc when at Beamish in December Susan W: It's Lairds Shop Grasslot. It's now The Bakehouse ( closed ) opposite the Fit for Life Gym. Anita R: My nana & Granda Edith & William Hayton lived at #12 Roper st then in 1971 My Mam & Dad Edith & John Cl bought the house, I lived their from age 10 until I was married in 1980. Great times on Roper St lovely neighbours & long time friends. All the Laird family had a house on the left side of the st, they were lovely polite people. Carl H: Roper Street on the end Joe W: I attended the school over the road from Lairds shop in 1956, and remember buying a pea-shooter and carlings, as well as sweets of course from Lairds, we were allowed to use our pea-shooters in the school playground, that wouldn't happen now-a-days...would it. ?Happy days Yvonne F: Yes Roper Street thats my house in the background.
Roper Street Grasslot The Bakehouse was William Laird The Peoples Central Cash Stores
Maryport Grasslot Jug And Bottle R M Cracken Beer Not Spirits
Maryport Grasslot Jug And Bottle R M Cracken Beer Not Spirits This shop at No. I Collins Terrace, Grasslot (seen here in around 1913), was licensed to sell beer but not spirits, and became known as the 'Jerry' or 'Jug and Bottle'. As well as beer it also sold groceries. The last occupier was Mrs Irene Neri and the shop closed on New Year's Eve 1976. The shop was demolished a short time afterwards to make room for road improvements.
Settlement from railway over Ellen at Grasslot to blast furnace
Looking from the bridge over the Maryport & Carlisle railway line at Grasslot, towards the old blast furnace and C Minshaw's Furnace Sawmill on Mill Street c 1900 from Brian C collection