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See history of the Maryport to Carlisle line at  Railway Maryport – Carlisle 1837 – 1939  

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The Maryport & Carlisle Railway (M&CR) was an English railway company formed in 1836 which built and operated a small but eventually highly profitable railway to connect Maryport and Carlisle in CumberlandEngland. There were many small collieries in the area and efficient access to the harbour at Maryport was important.

The western end, connecting the majority of the collieries to Maryport opened in 1840 and the line was completed throughout to Carlisle in 1845. The considerable resources of coal, and later iron ore, carried by the railway made it especially profitable, and this was redoubled at the height of the iron and steel processing industries around Workington. Branch lines were opened to connect further collieries.

After 1918 the industries on which the line was dependent declined steeply, and the railway declined accordingly; the branch lines closed, but the original main line remains open and forms part of the Cumbrian Coast Line between Carlisle and Barrow in Furness. Wikipedia

Railway lines to Maryport docks including Broughton Moor from
Railway lines to Maryport and Workington docks including Cockermouth Bulgill from

Maryport to Bulgill orange colour is Carlisle to Maryport (Maryport & Carlisle Rly)

Orange line from Bullgill Jnc to Brigham (Maryport & Carlisle RlySearch Google for ‘Bullgill Jnc to Brigham (Maryport & Carlisle Rly)’

Green horizontal rail line is Linefoot to Workington (Cleator & Workington Jnc Rly)

There is no information for the line from Flimby to Broughton Moor, nor Broughton Moor to the left of Dearham so if you have info then please inform the websites linked below. 

Rail Map online – UK & IE Railways

Search Google for ‘Linefoot to Workington (Cleator & Workington Jnc Rly)’

All information from zoomable map on Rail Map online – UK & IE Railways

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Rose Gill Viaduct between Dearham and Bulgill

Bulgill station with loco 0-6-0 number 9
Bulgill station rebuilt and signs of industry gone 2024